Movement shots portfolio

These images are either shot or edited in a way that creates the feeling of movement

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Pole rig setup
VW pole rig
Pole rig static shot

Pole rig camera shoots

These shoots are normally done at a location using a large pole attached to the car. Then we proceed to either push or roll the car and take the images to create the desired movement effect.

VW Beetle by car photographer Paul Ward
Final retouched image


Back at the studio, some retouching is required to remove the pole from the image and any reflections it leaves on the car  – this then gives us the final Image.

Motion effect retouching

Aston Martin
Start image

Motion effect retouching

Motion effect images can be created through using specialist retouching, which involves taking a static shot at a location that looks suitable to start with.

Aston Martin moving image
Final image

Motion effect retouching

The car itself has to be painstakingly ‘cut out’ and then various effects and blurs added to the background to help create the final movement effect.