Retouching portfolio

Image retouching is an important process and often what brings the photos up to the next level

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Original un-edited image

Messy backgrounds

Sometimes when you photograph a car at an event or location some retouching is required to remove the background or surroundings and also any reflections it leaves on the car.

Ford Mustang
Final retouched image


Back at the studio, the car needs to be ‘cut out’ from the background image and any reflections need to be edited out too. Also the windows need to be sorted out  – These background removals often work best on a black background, especially if the car was sitting on grass that may stick up above the base of the tyres.

Motion effect retouching

Aston Martin
Start image

Motion effect retouching

Motion effect images can be created through using specialist retouching, which involves taking a static shot at a location that looks suitable to start with.

Aston Martin moving image
Final image

Motion effect retouching

The car itself has to be painstakingly ‘cut out’ and then various effects and blurs added to the background to help create the final movement effect.