Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura by car photographer Paul Ward

LAMBORGHINI MIURA S photographed by Paul Ward at Prescott Hill Climb in 2019 Known as the very first ‘Supercar’ the Miura is considered the most beautiful car of all time by many. This is the ‘Twiggy’ Miura, so called because its first owner was Justin de Villeneuve (Twiggy’s manager in the 1960s) this car is … Read more

The Beast of Turin

Fiat s76 Beast of Turin by car photographer Paul Ward

The Beast of Turin  driven by Duncan Pittaway,  photographed at Prescott Hill climb by Paul Ward in 2019 Info – The FIAT S76, later also known as FIAT 300 HP Record and nicknamed “The Beast of Turin“, was a car built in 1910 by the Italian company FIAT specifically to beat the land speed record … Read more

ERA E type

ERA e type by automotive photographer Paul Ward

ERA E type  – Taken at Prescott Hill Climb by automotive photographer Paul Ward This car was photographed on a location style shoot at a track day event – then retouched to produce a ‘movement’ style image. The 1938-9 ERA ‘E-Type’ history: In the mid 1930s, English Racing Automobiles or ERA managed to put Great … Read more